1. About Kit

An actor from his early years, Kit has had the immense fortune of seeing the world from many different cultural lenses in his travels. Born into a family of hard-working Filipino-American parents, Kit explored much of Western Europe as a child, and experienced life as an “Army Brat”. Kit took much of what he learned and applied it to his theatrical endeavors in an effort to generate a more worldly experience: Acting and directing from a point of view devoid of racial boundaries, yet suffused with rich ideas that challenge the norm of what it means to create for the stage.

Kit attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, CA between 2000-2001.  While he planned on returning to the Academy to continue a second year of instruction, the events of September 11th, 2001 spurred Kit to join the United States Air Force in service to his country.  He enlisted in October 2001, and entered the military in February 2002.  After five years in the service, Kit made his way back to the stage, acting with Riverside Community Players in a production of London Suite by Neil Simon.  In 2009, Kit returned to the world of academia, in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre at the University of California, Riverside– which he successfully achieved in July 2012.  In June 2013, Kit graduated from the professional training program provided by the reknown institution, the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, California.  From his experiences at Dell’Arte, Kit ventured into the realm of Alexander Technique, Commedia Dell’Arte, and an ensemble-based style of creating work for the stage in terms of devised theatre and applications in physical/movement-based performances.

Also, in 2009, Kit began directing for the stage.  His first directing outing was the play, Run For Your Wife, with Play With Your Food Productions in Hemet, CA.  Since 2009, Kit has directed a number of plays, including Much Ado About Nothing, The Clean House, Into the Woods and Romeo and Juliet.

In addition to his pursuits of creating characters and directing actors on stage, Kit also mentors and coaches other actors in their endeavors– audition technique, physical-based acting approaches, and philosophies which promote a healthy sense of self-awareness, responsiveness, and availability, both physical and emotional.  His coaching experience is the culmination of lessons learned throughout his career, influenced greatly by the training program at Dell’Arte International.

Since his return to the stage, Kit has won several Inland Theatre League awards for his local area work as an actor and as a director.  Additionally, he garnered an Aubrey Award for his role as Trekkie Monster in Avenue Q– a feat which delights him significantly.  He has had the honor of working with several brilliant directors, actors and production hands over the past few years.


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